The Busted Sandal

busted sandalThe Busted Sandal off of Fredericksburg Rd. near Graham Central Station  proves less is more with a micro selection of local craft beers.

I was there for the Headlights IPA launch party and we were asking for beers by color.

“The pink one” or “the green one”.  The color referred to the color of the beer taps.

The Headlights IPA was great, by the way.

If You Can Find It

I drove past  the Sandal on the first try.  It’s way back in the corner of a small strip center and I couldn’t see it from the road.

I got a IPA and some snacks.

It’s standing room only at the Busted Sandal.  One small room with the bar and another small room where the brewing takes place.

Along the far wall, about 3 planks of 2 x10 wood protrude and serve as beer shelves.

I stood there fumbling with my paper plate and pint glass when a couple guys said I could put my stuff down on their plank of wood.

So I did.

Turns out we were all Austin expats.  Well, none of us were from Austin, but we all had spent a chunk of time there.

Austin has a lot of cool stuff going on, but I’m thinking San Antonio’s beer network has Austin beat.

At the Busted Sandal, I was paying $3 per pint beneath glow-y Christmas lights and balloons and having great conversation.

headlights IPAA stroll into the back room and I could see the brewing process up close and personal.

See you at at their next event.

Busted Sandal on Facebook

Address:  7114 Oaklawn Dr.