Wine Tasting at Deco Pizza

wine tasting

Deco Pizza hosts a wine tasting in conjunction with the Rootless Grapevine every Thursday evening from 7:30 -9:30.    Price $15!

When I attended the tasting, I didn’t know if the affair was going to be a:
-taste this and tell me if you like it
-taste this and tell me what it is
type affair.

It was the latter.

Horror! I know nothing about wine.

Horrific it was not. The wine tasting was a wonderful event, and I actually learned a lot. Not only that, but at $15 it’s a great value.

Amelia Nanez is in the process of becoming a sommelier and is a great teacher. We blind tasted 2 whites, 3 reds, and 2 dessert wines.

Amelia set it up kind of easy for us, giving us descriptions of each wine we tasted. That gave us something to go on.

Even so, there were debates.

By the end, everyone felt very, ehm, happy, and accomplished.

Pizza Too!

Along with the wine, I ordered a white pizza with chicken, tomato and pesto. Deco pizza has a sweet crust and delicious, high quality cheese. The pesto with tomato was not too heavy.

My first run at Deco Pizza gets a thumbs up.

The folks who attending the wine tasting along with me were all “from the neighborhood” and made me feel completely welcome despite the fact that I am not neighborhood folk.

My kind of people those folks were and I’ll definitely be back.